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Level up your English skills from an accredited teacher from Canada. I offer instruction from kids to adults. With over 20 years teaching experience I am confident I can help you make quick improvement and help you aquire more confidence speaking in English.

For Kids up to High School, I have all original texts covering many sub-levels of each age.These books have been carefully crafted to focus on Pronunciation and Conversation.

A key point to success in your English learning is having the same dedicated teacher over a long period of time.Nothing more annoying or diminishing to your progress is the constant change of teachers.

Kids to High School Lessons

Original texts are used to target pronunciation and conversation for kids up to High School are available. Eiken support also available.The first book is free.Each book comes with audio for HW practice each week, and HW is checked together each week.Of course, other texts and material can be studied on request. Also, EIKEN support is offered. Have some great material for preparing and also practice the EIKEN test interview so you'll do great on the exam.

Adult lessons

For adult classes, articles can be used, books that the student wants, TOEIC and Conversational classes. It is up to your desires and wants that we can put together for your interests and needs. Many adults want to practice up their English for travel. Some retired students just want to keep up on their conversation and have fun. And yet some students need some help to use English for their jobs. For adult lessons, private lessons are encouraged but if you have a good class-mate that matches your level and goal then that is fine too.

At your Location Lessons

Whether it be at a rental room, community center, your office, school or home, lessons can be taught there. Depending on class size, age and lesson demands, price will differ.In the free trial, we can decide on the right teaching fee for you.

On Line Lessons

If you can't study in person, or live outside Japan, of course on-line lessons are available. Private lessons are encoraged for best improvment. Same teacher long term , no teacher changes.

* Free 30min trial plus 30min consultation session.*