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Leaving a tip

In many countries, it is customary to leave a tip for good service in restaurants, taxis, and hotels. Tips can be given directly to the server or staff member, or they can be placed in a jar near the cash register.


In the past, tipping was typically reserved for situations where customers received personal service from an employee, such as at a restaurant or bar. However, with the rise of self-checkout machines, customers are now being asked to tip even when they are not interacting with anyone. This trend is particularly unpopular at airports, stadiums, and other places where people are often in a hurry.

Customers feel that they are being pressured to tip, even when they do not feel that the service they received warrants it.In addition, many people are concerned about where the tips are actually going. Some businesses have been accused of pocketing the tips themselves, rather than distributing them to the employees.As a result of these concerns, many people are choosing to not tip at self-checkout machines.This is a trend that is likely to continue as more and more businesses adopt self-checkout technology.


The Wall Street Journal reported that many people in the United States are becoming tired of tipping because of the rise of self-checkout machines. The article, titled “Tipping Fatigue: Americans Are Starting to Question the Practice,” cites a recent survey that found that nearly 20% of Americans are now leaving tips for things they never used to, such as buying a bottle of water.

ウォール・ストリート・ジャーナル紙によると、アメリカではセルフレジのためにチップを払うのが嫌になる人が多いそうです。セルフレジのせいで 記者は、多くの人が「チップ疲れ」を経験していると書いています。アメリカ人の20%近くが、以前はチップを渡さなかったものにもチップを渡すようになったそうです。水のボトルを買うときにもチップを払うようになっているのです。これは、デジタル決済の機械が増えたからだ。

The customer in question said that they felt pressured to leave a tip, even though they did not feel that the service they received warranted it. They also felt that the prompt was manipulative, as it implied that they would be doing a good deed by tipping.Square, on the other hand, said that the machines are actually increasing the number of tips being left.
They said that this is because the machines make it easier for customers to tip, as they do not have to fumble for cash or coins. Additionally, the machines often give customers the option to tip a specific amount, such as 10%, 15%, or 20%. This makes it easier for customers to decide how much to tip, and it can also lead to larger tips..



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